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Smartflow Sensor Operated Hand Dryer




• The economic line of Smartflow® hand dryers is one of the most compact in the market, designed for locations that because of their size require small sized washroom accessories that meet two requirements: low consumption and optimum hand drying.
• These units are automatic dryers that offer an optimum relationship between functionality and price. Because of its features and design, this economic line is intended to be installed in areas with medium traffic of people like for example medium-sized restaurants, cafeterias or the offices of a small or medium sized company.
• Four models with different finishes are available: White, matte black, bright, and satin. All of them with an ABS resistant cover and electronic detection sensor by an infrared beam with adjustable distance detection, which allows better adaptability to different types of washrooms.
• These dryers also provide maximum safety, with a safety thermal cut-off installed in the motor and another one in the dryer’s heating element.

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